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as we advance in our lives.

We want to stay mobile and independent in our golden years, and have a better quality of life. 

Many people above 70s are afraid to be out and about. Some are concerned about their higher risk of falling. Some have a lack of strength and endurance to do their daily activities like climbing stairs, grocery shopping, cooking or going for walks. As a result, many of them adopt the prevention approach of doing less, which is counter productive because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

One of our oldest clients, Koo Lang Kan, who is 90 years old, came to us after the Circuit Breaker, where he lost his ability to walk and had to use a wheelchair. His daughter, Julie, sent him to us so that we can help him rediscover movement and to be able to walk again. 

Lang Kan was never like this as he previously led an active lifestyle. It was a shock that his condition deteriorated at a tremendous speed during the pandemic. His severe nerve compression meant that he could not walk on his own and was at one point bedridden. His age also meant that surgery was high risk for him.

Lang Kan was very determined to overcome all odds to be able to walk again. He pushed through a personalised program with his never-give-up mindset and finally succeeded! 

Looking at where Lang Kan is now reminds us: To live well is to move well. 

If you ever had concerns about your senior folks or elderly family members at home, and are looking for a gentle yet effective programme to help them achieve movement longevity, you are not alone. Hear from Kathleen and Joanne why and how they encouraged their mums Rosie & Mary (84 and 72 years old respectively) to give us a try and never looked back.

5 sessions with us in your 1st step towards movement longevity

BodyTree Seniors Program

What you can expect in the sessions with us:

1. Reduce your fall risk

2. Improve your balance

3. Move a lot better

The focal point in our Personal Training session with seniors is to significantly reduce their fall risk. Besides strength and balance training, we will add in key elements such as sensory stimulation and joint proprioception (awareness) to help us achieve the best results. Our teachers will incorporate exercises from the Pilates repertoire, Naboso technology and Vibration technology from PowerPlate. 

Pilates has a wide repertoire of exercises and includes resistance, strength and balance training. Pilates equipments can enhance our joint proprioception and body awareness while moving. 

Sensory stimulation is critical as our ability to sense our surroundings diminishes as we age. Hence we go beyond just physical exercises, using Naboso and vibration technology to improve our sensory system. This holistic approach will enable us to sharpen our sensory systems, gain better strength, control and confidence to move about in our daily lives.

What we expect from you:

Whether you are in your 70s, 80s or 90s, just come with an open mind and we'll do our very best to assist you towards movement longevity.

BodyTree Seniors Program

Session 1: Fall Risk Assessment, Sensory Stimulation & Balance Training

Find out more about your risk of falling with a widely used functional test that is considered the Gold Standard. You will also know more about the type of activity that you are most at risk for so that we can design a program for you to train for it.

You will also experience the technology (Naboso® & PowerPlate®) that we use to help you improve your sensory nerves for better balance.

Dr Emily Splichal speaks about why Naboso®

Session 2: Balance Training using Pilates equipments

Session 3: Foundation in Mobility Training

Session 4: Foundation in Strength Training

Session 5: Dual Tasking

You will practise performing two activities at the same time; a motor skill (an exercise or movement) is combined with a cognitive (thinking) activity. This has been researched to produce significant improvements in body sway during single-support balance and alignment during double-support dynamic balance. 


To encourage you to start

You will be getting the Naboso® Foot Recovery Kit (worth $161) as a Bonus! These tools will be used in our sessions.

Naboso® Foot Recovery Kit

- Naboso® Activation Insoles (worth $87)

- Naboso® Neuroball (worth $47)

- Naboso® Splay (worth $27)

BodyTree Seniors Program

($817.50 for 5 sessions)

*This program is only for people new to Pilates BodyTree

** Top up for Founders to teach is $327

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